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Standart World of Warcraft Classic is only in closed beta right now

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The WoW Classic beta took place earlier this year, but that wasn’t the only chance to play early. A series of stress tests will give a bigger set of players the chance to see Classic ahead of launch, and it’ll give Blizzard some data on what sort of server load to expect when it properly goes live. The first stress test ran from Wednesday, May 22 to Thursday, May 23, but the second begins today, June 19:00, at 14:00 PDT (17:00 ET, 22:00 BST), and run until June 20. A third test will run on July 18 and July 19. The method for signing up will be the same as the main WoW Classic beta – open up your Battle.net account settings and make sure you’re opted in for Classic betas in addition to standard WoW betas.

World of Warcraft Classic is only in closed beta right now, but that’s about to change, at least for one day. On Monday, Blizzard announced that everyone in the Americas and Oceania with a current World of Warcraft subscription is going to get the chance to try out Classic on June 19.

“For this stress test, all races and classes will be available for creation, and the maximum character level will be capped at 15,” Blizzard said. “In addition to the open world, there will be instanced content available at that level. This will include Warsong Gulch for PvP as well as Ragefire Chasm, Wailing Caverns, and Deadmines. Of course, Deadmines will be a challenge for players to complete at this level.”

Since this is a stress test first and isn’t being regarded as a beta, Blizzard has asked that players try to get in as much time as possible within the first three hours of the test. Assuming enough people oblige, it’ll put stress on the servers and will give Blizzard the chance to suss out any problems that need addressing. The in-client bug reporting tool will of course be in place for players to offer direct feedback about any problems they encounter as well. Moreover, rvgm.com provides Cheap World of Warcraft Classic Gold for players. As an online in-game currency store for many years, we’ve received great reputation for our reliable service.[URL="http://www.karahanonline.org/"]karahan online[/URL]
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